Nicola Baldan vergroot voorsprong in Trofeo Abarth 500

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Nicola Baldan vergroot voorsprong in Trofeo Abarth 500

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Nicola Baldan vergroot voorsprong in Trofeo Abarth 500

In de tweede ronde van de Trofeo Abarth 500 afgelopen weekend, wist Nicola Baldan zijn voorsprong wederom te vergroten, dankzij twee kopposities en twee overwinningen. Zowel in race èèn als in race twee, werd hij op de hielen gezeten door Francesco Iorio, die in de tweede race de snelste rondetijd wist neer te zetten. Na deze ronde heeft Baldan zijn voorsprong in het klassement vergroot met zestien punten op Iorio:

Nicola Baldan arrived at the Magione circuit at the weekend as the Trofeo Abarth 500 Italia points leader and after sweeping to two poles and two wins he departed with his title advantage extended a step further. In both races Baldan fended off the very close attentions of his nearest title rival, Francesco Iorio, who collected two runners-up spots, while the Under-25 category the youngsters performed admirably: Tobias Tauber was fourth in race one and Alex Campani third in race two. In the junior Under-18 class Simone Monforte came out ahead in both races, fending off attentions from Eric Scalvini and Riccardo Iob. The Trofeo Abarth 500 Italia runners arrived at Magione after an exciting opening round to the series at the Misano Adriatico circuit in late April, with Venetian driver Nicola Baldan leading the standings with 42 points, 10 clear of Lombardy's Iorio. Franco Cimarelli was in third, but more importantly he also led the Under-25 standings while youngster Iob held the top spot in the Under-18 category.
Baldan was in dominant form as the form book was carried over from Misano, he took pole position for both races, with his closest title rival, Iorio, lining up next to him on the front row of the series, which is into its second year, reserved for the full racing version of the Abarth 500, which has a potent 190 CV squeezed out of its tiny frame. In race one third place went to Carlo Casillo, comfortably the fastest of the "Gentlemen", who had Under-25 points leader, Franco Cimarelli, right alongside. In race two the front row was much the same with another Under-25 hot shot, Alex Campani, next up in third with Under-25 front-running youngster Tauber, who was also fourth in the overall standings going into this race, alongside.

Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

In race one, Baldan got away very cleanly from pole, followed by Iorio; however Iob and Mattia Pegoiani tangled and that immediately brought out the Safety Car. Once the action resumed Baldan was harried by Iorio all the way to the chequered flag and the final gap was less than half a second with Iorio claiming the fastest lap of the race. Baldan thus extends his lead to 85 points and has a 16 point cushion over his nearest rival Iorio. These two were simply in a league of their own, and third placed Casillo was over nine seconds adrift at the end and he had to fight a rearguard action to keep Tobias behind, the youngster winning the Under-25 category, while behind him, eight seconds further down the road in sixth place, Monforte won the Under-18 class.
In race two it was much the same story, Baldan was chased to the flag by Iorio, winning his second race of the weekend and claiming the fastest lap, while the final podium step saw a battle between Campani and Tobias, the former getting the advantage, while a tactical race saw Monforte wrap up Under-18 honours again to close up the championship gap in a category that will see the top youngster at the end of the season winning a Trofeo Abarth single-seater for the 2011 season.

Trofeo Abarth 500-Selenia Italia, Round 2, Magione

Qualifying, Race 1: 1. Nicola Baldan in 1’23”030; 2. Francesco Iorio 1’23”161; 3. Carlo Casillo 1’23”666; 4. Franco Cimarelli 1’24”014; 5. Alex Campani 1’24”091; 6.Tobias Tauber 1’24”471; 7. Alex De Giacomi 1’24”497; 8. Simone Niboli 1’24”568; 9. Severino Nardozi 1’25”115; 10. Simone Monforte 1’25”225.

Qualifying, Race 2: 1. Nicola Baldan in 1’22”731; 2. Francesco Iorio 1’22”879; 3. Alex Campani 1’23”606; 4. Tobias Tauber 1’23”793; 5. Carlo Casillo 1’23”939; 6. Franco Cimarelli 1’23”982; 7. Simone Monforte 1’24”420; 8. Alex De Giacomi 1’24”894; 9. Gianluca Caporali 1’24”903; 10. Simone Niboli 1’25”087.

Result, Race 1: 1. Nicola Baldan 18 laps in 27’30”741, at an average speed 98,413 km/h; 2. Francesco Iorio + 0”426; 3. Carlo Casillo + 9”195; 4. Tobias Tauber + 9”652; 5. Simone Monforte + 17”853; 6. Alex De Giacomi + 21”493; 7. Simone Niboli + 22”423; 8. Gianluca Caporali + 35”366; 9. Paolo Scudieri + 54”509; 10. Giovanni Ciraso + 59”308. Fastest lap: Iorio in 1’22”995 at an average speed 108,744 km/h.

Result, Race 2: 1. Nicola Baldan 18 laps in 26’27”855 at an average speed 102,303 km/h; 2. Francesco Iorio + 1”165; 3. Alex Campani + 1”375; 4. Franco Cimarelli + 8”176; 5. Carlo Casillo + 12”354; 6. Simone Monforte + 13”190; 7. Alex De Giacomi + 14”846; 8. Gianluca Caporali + 15”197; 9. Riccardo Iob + 34”523; 10. Severino Nardozzi + 39”747. Fastest lap: Baldan in 1’24”239 at an average speed 107,138 km/h.

Overall classification (after 2 rounds and 4 races): 1. Nicola Baldan 85 points; 2. Francesco Iorio 69; 3. Tobias Tauber 51; 4. Franco Cimarelli 42; 5. Simone Monforte 41; 6. Carlo Casillo 40; 7. Gianluca Caporali 36; 8. Alex Campani 34; 9. Alex De Giacomi 18; 10. Simone Niboli 14. Under-18 classification (after 2 rounds and 4 races): 1. Riccardo Iob 73 points; 2.Eric Scalvini 68; 3. Simone Monforte 65. Under-25 classification (after 2 rounds and 4 races): 1. Gianluca Caporali 64 points; Simone Niboli 58; 3. Franco Cimarelli 57; 4. Alex Campani and Tobias Tauber 54; 6. Niccolò Malfatti 26. "Gentlemen" (Over 40) classification (after 2 rounds and 4 races): 1. Carlo Casillo 84 points; 2. Paolo Scudieri 54; 3. Severino Nardozzi 34; 4. Riccardo Lonati 32; 5. Andrea Malfatti 30.
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